Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee & Tea Kettle

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Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee & Tea Kettle


Here’s How You Can Brew A Delicious & Aromatic Cup Of Tea Or Coffee The Barista- Approved Way!

Sick and tired of those poor quality kettles that take an hour to prepare and pour your coffee?

How about a traditional gooseneck kettle featuring improved flow control and additional comfort?

Does it sound too good to be true? Keep reading and find out!

Presenting The Ultimate Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee & Tea Kettle By Mixpresso Coffee

This professional tool belongs in your kitchen’s arsenal as it is ideal for French Presses, Chemex Coffeemaker & Coffee Drippers.

Featuring 3 holes for the insertion of a thermometer, this kettle allows you to get the ideal pouring temperature you desire while eliminating all the guesswork.

5 + 1 Reasons Why This Pour-Over Kettle Is A MUST For Coffee & Tea Lovers!

• Works amazingly well on stove top or induction plate

• It’s able to maintain the temperature well

• It features great flow rate

• Works for both Flat Batch Brewing & Large Batch Brewing

• It allows for superior pouring comfort and pouring control

• Offers extreme pouring precision since you can choose from a pour to a trickle

And The Best Part?

The Mixpresso Coffee Kettle will make the perfect housewarming gift for your family or loved ones!

They will be able to enjoy their morning coffee or afternoon tea with zero trouble and 100% of the flavor and comfort!

So What Are You Still Waiting For?

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