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The ultimate machine for the espresso connoisseur. Water temperature, brewing pressures and extraction time have been monitored and set to the ideal levels to ensure the perfect extraction of a true Italian espresso-every time.

Our key features include;

  • Compatibility with Nespresso capsules

  • JUST 1 easy pullout unit to clean...phew! [no more messy days cleaning those nitty gritty parts ]

  • Two individual Electronic LED controls for two coffee sizes (Espresso shot and Double Espresso).

  • Adjustable coffee volume for each coffee type.

  • Drip tray.

  • Automatic collection of used capsules.

  • Flow meter to ensure perfect coffee extraction

  • Our powerful 19 bar pump machine is strong and powerful to serve you a nice Italian espresso
  • Mixpresso coffee capsules have a rich taste and are produced in Italy
  • Our machine is small and compact. Dimensions: 7" L X 11" W X 13" H. 
  • Modern and sleek design 
  • easy to use water tank.
  • 1 year warranty. immediate replacement will be sent out.

MIXPRESSO machines are simply; Sleek, stylish & compact and allows you to have this machine sit comfortably virtually anywhere on your kitchen countertop or apartment without the worries of having it take up too much room.

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